Monday, June 05, 2006

My Dream Friday Night

I was dreaming that I got pregnant again. During the pregnancy I was getting big fast and they did an ultrasound and found that we were having twins, YIKES. At about 30 Weeks I was having problems and they had to do a c-section. Well during the c-section they said "Bethany we don't know how to tell you this" and I'm getting all upset and I'm like "why what's wrong"? They called Kirk into the room and they said "well your not having 2 you have 4". Kirk mouth dropped to the floor and he's like "what". I told the doctors I had an hard enough time coming up with two names we liked, let alone come up with two more. We ended up with 2 girls and 2 boys. After they were all born someone from Walmart came in and donated cribs, car seats, high chairs, diapers, wipes and formula to us. There was a lady from the newspaper there and everything. People from the community came and offered their time to help out with the babies and the house work. When it was time to release me from the hospital the were kind of delaying paper work and all of that, because a news reporter came in and another guy from a car dealership. The guy from the dealership announced that they were giving us a brand new 12 passenger van, and they handed the keys to my husband and he started crying. I could not imagine going from 4 kids to 8 just like that. I told my husband about the dream and he said "woman your crazy". Most of the time when I dream they come true, kind of scary. I prayed all morning "Lord please don't ever bless me that way". I love my kids to death, but I could never handle 8 kids at once. Please pray that this dream never comes true for me.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Young Family 2006

Cyrus 6 years old
Kylie 4 years old
Kiara 2 years old
Elijah 1 year old

God knew just what he was doing!!!!

My husband went to work on Tuesday morning and the boss asked him to take the work 4 wheeler and got fix the fence to the cow pasture. He asked the boss for someone to go with him to help him. The boss said there wasn't really anyone left to help, so my husband went alone. Well on the other side of the fence that he had to fix is a really steep hill and it drops off on the back side of it into gully. When Kirk pulled up to this part to fix it the ground on this hill gave way and the 4 wheeler ended up upside down on top of Kirk pinning him there and no way out. Kirk was pinned between the 4 wheeler and a barbed wire fence and the fence was pressed into his groin area. He tried and tried to get out but no luck. He yelled and yelled for help and still nothing. He said all he could do was pray and pray some more that God would help him. After lying there for 30 minutes and no help he managed to get the wire out of his groin and squirmed out from underneath it. He got out just in time, because the wire fence broke lose and the 4 wheeler rolled down the hill 4 more times and if he didn't get when he did he would have gone with the 4 wheeler. The lord was watching out for Kirk, but the lord also had Kirk just where he wanted him. Kirk has been going through a hard time right now and always feeling depressed. He wanted to leave me and the kids, because he was sick of fighting all the time, but you see the lord had him right where he wanted him to realize things in his life were not right and that he needed to wake up and change some things in his life. Kirk says he knows that the lord was with him and he is so thankful for giving him a wake up call and another chance to live for him. I'm thankful for the lord doing a work in our lives and trusting that he will help us along the way.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Elijah's 1st Birthday!!

Elijah turned 1 on Wednesday May 10th, 2006. It doesn't seem possible that he could possibly be a year old. Seems like I just had him a few weeks ago. Where does the time go?? We celebrated his birthday Saturday with a party. He got right into his cake, he didn't know what to think of the cake feeling on his hand, he was trying to shake the cake and frosting off. It was so cute. Our oldest one didn't want nothing to do with the cake. We had a great time celebrating his birthday with family and friends.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kylie's Questions about Heaven

This past weekend my husband and I were talking to Kylie about the lord and heaven. She wanted to know how you get to heaven. Kirk and I were telling her on her level so she would understand, and she understood more than I thought she would. She still keeps asking why do we have to stay in heaven forever, after we die. She just tells us she wants to be able to come back home and live with mommy and daddy. Then she said " Mommy where will we all sleep"? And I told her that "Jesus has really big beds there for everyone and there bigger than mommy and daddy's bed." She looks at me with really big eyes and says "really, that's awesome". There was silence for a few minutes and then she comes and asks me " well what if we get bored in heaven "? I told her " Kylie there will be no time in heaven to be bored, we'll be with Jesus". She looked at me with her hands in the air and said " come on mom like Jesus is gonna want to play with me and Cyrus everyday ", I looked at her as serious as can be and could not help but laugh. I just told her " I bet he will ". After that she walked away for a few minutes and came back and asked me " ok where are we gonna eat mom"? I told her "we'll be eating a feast with Jesus at really big table", and then she says " yeah like that table is gonna be big enough for everybody to eat at once". I just started laughing. After that she left me alone about the heaven thing. She still asks questions everyday. She always comes up with something. Yesterday she said " I don't want to die just to go to heaven, that would be silly". I said " why not heaven is a much better place than here". She finally asked " ok if I want to go to heaven than what do I have to do"? We told her you have to pray and ask Jesus into your heart, and she asked how do I do that, so we had her repeat what we said and she thought that was the greatest thing that she asked Jesus into her heart and went around telling everyone.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Red Seedless Grape Scare

This morning as I was getting Elijah dressed, Kylie was in the kitchen I wasn't really sure what she was doing. As I'm on the livingroom floor dressing the , she comes walking towards me and I noticed her face looking a porcelain colored and then she started pointing to her throat and I realized she was choking on something and not sure what. I grab her and started hitting her back and nothing happened. I tried getting it out and tried the heimlich on her over and over and still nothing by this time I'm calling 911 and still trying. While on the phone with 911 Kylie was completely blue and she collapsed on the floor and she had no heartbeat and wasn't breathing. I'm panicking!! I tried picking her up to do the heimlich on her again and she's so limp, it was like she was dead. I tried the heimlich again a few more times, still on the phone with 911 and finally I got the food out, and found out that it was a big red seedless grape and it was whole. I got her up and she started crying and of course I was crying. She said her throat and tummy hurt. The ambulance was already on its way and the 911 dispatcher said since she's so young we still have to come and make sure she's okay. After a few minutes on the phone she asked me if I was okay for her to let me go and I told her yes. After getting of the phone I was still upset and crying, I almost lost my little girl. My husband was at work and his boss went to get him and bring him home, and then my in laws showed up, everyone was so worked up. When the ambulance got here they checked her all over and said her oxygen was 100% and her blood pressure was good. They said it was up to us whether they took her to the hospital since she was okay. We said if she got worse and if anything else happened we would take her to the doctor. Once the Ambulance crew left Kylie told me and Nana that she can't be killed yet, because she wasn't ready to go to heaven. I told her no we're not ready for you to go to heaven either. I'm so thankful she's okay and that she's still here with us. The lord is on our side.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Getting Dressed

Yesterday I was in my bedroom getting dressed and my husband was in there with me. Kylie comes to the door and my husband said to her " go out to the livingroom and we'll be right out, mommy is changing ". She looked at him and said "well Daddy you need to come out because boys are not suppose to see girls changing". We started to laugh and then we had to tell her that its different for Mommy's and Daddy's. She looked back at me and said " well boys and girls can't be in the same room when their getting dressed, not even mommy's and daddy's, that's just gross". Then she said " daddy close your eyes until mommy is done ". We just gave up on this one, she's just to serious.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cyrus's Parent Teacher Conference

Yesterday I had a parent teacher conference for my son Cyrus. We moved here in January and he had to come to a new school from where he started. The teacher said she thinks he's adjusted just fine and has lots of new friends. I agreed with the teacher on that. Then she was telling me how he was doing in other areas. He does good with knowing his letters and numbers ( except when you get to the teen numbers ). She said he needs to work on writing them out though, he also needs to work on site words. I've noticed he has trouble with ryming words as well, nothing I'm too concerned about. Then she said he does great with patterns and charts. The last thing he needs to work on his learning to tie his own shoes. This teacher has an absolute fight if the kids can't tie their own shoes. I thought that kids learned this kind of stuff in Kindergarten. The teacher also told me some other things she's teaching these kids and you'd swear your kid was getting ready to go off to college or something. What has kindergarten turned into?? My son has to get up at 6:30am to be ready for the bus at 7:20am, he's gone to school all day and doesn't get home until 3:30pm everyday. This is a very long day for a kindergarten if you ask me.

Never Ending

Lately I've had a hard time finding time to put anything new on here. Everything seems to be really hectic. At times I feel like I'm being pulled in 100 different directions and never have any time for anything else. Over the past few weeks we've had doctor's appointments, WIC, parent teacher conference, and a few other appointments in there as well. Then in there we have church Sunday morning, Sunday night and then again Thursday nights. The past few nights I haven't been sleeping the greatest and I've been waking up with headaches. So with the restless nights and the headches I seem to wear out faster. In amongst this crazy life I have to fit grocery shopping in there. My 2 sisters that are in college came home last week and with everything going on I didn't see them much. They went back to college Monday and now they won't be back until May. Our friends want us to come over and visit, which we hardly ever have time for and then of course there's family that wants to see you as well. Where does it ever end??